Monday, March 21, 2011

Type "T"

That's "T" for Tyra.

She really needs no formal introduction. Supermodel. Business Mogul. Super Genius behind America's Next Top Model. Inventor of the "Smize". {I know you all practice in the mirror - c'mon, admit it.} She's reached many great 'firsts' in her career, especially as a model of color. For that alone, I love her.

As if her stats that run a mile long aren't enough though, now she's gone and created another fashion-fused revolution. This ever-evolving Beauty recently launched Type F. It's a website that's more like a destination where fashion, beauty, style, and self-celebration abounds. I've browsed the site and find it to be really intriguing. I love the fact that it's purposed to tailor your fashion and beauty experience around what you naturally bring to the table - yourself! She's clear about it not being another fashion site where style, trends, and must-haves are dictated to you, and you then are expected to mold yourself into that box. On the contrary, the site takes you as you are and explains how to incorporate trends & looks accordingly.

And I cannot end without mentioning: as she's proven time and time again, Tyra knows how to take a genius photo...

On top of all that, Tyra is currently enrolled in Harvard Business School.
Genius move.
Now that's Type "F" for Fierce indeed.


*(Images via TypeF, Vogue Italia)

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