Wednesday, March 23, 2011

First Annual Hope for Haiti Gala Reception a smashing success

On Friday evening I attended the First Annual Hope for Haiti Gala sponsored by Milanda David, founder of Celebrity Glam Squad. The event brought two of my favorite things together – fashion and fast cars – in support of the Haiti Cherie Heritage Foundation, whose mission is to assist those in the rural areas devastated by the earthquake that struck the country in 2010.

Me & the beautiful Dr. Jones

A gathering of the photogs

Players Luxury Rental Car and Sales served as the backdrop for this uber stylish event and was transformed into a shopping lounge featuring delicious cocktails and hors d’hourves. Beautiful long-legged lovelies sported the looks of some of Miami’s hottest designers who were surrounded by the world’s most coveted automobiles including Rolls Royce Ghosts, Bentleys, Lamborghinis and me and my Ferrari.

Scrumptious Velvet Cake Lollipopos

Pageant Queen Kelly Saks, kept the night moving as the evening’s hostess. Some of the collections shown included works by local designers such as collections of Sarahi House of Fashion and Tanya-Marie Designs.

Fell in love with these natural horn accessories by Celestial Designs.

A stellar inaugural event that left us all anxiously awaiting for next year.

Contributed by me, TonyaSE


  1. This is wonderful... I love it! So Haute!

  2. The sweets table looks really yummy!!!

  3. Ummmmm you are drop dead gorgeous AND you are going natural and your hair looks that flawless? Girl I am JEALOUUUUSSSS!!!

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  5. I am VERY embarrassed that I mixed y'all up *blushes* yea, clearly an intro post is needed for slow people... like me.

  6. Clare, thank you. Did something wrong so comment may post twice! I am doing the natural thing with the help of global keratin I got last summer - getting another in May. But my stylist does an amazing blow out so I will pass along your compliment.
    P.S. Carla and I are trying to take a duo pic we like - intro very soon!! :-)