Friday, January 14, 2011


Everything about this photo is incredibly intriguing. I love everything about it. The dress. The boots. The adorable baby elephant. The bottle. The Louis...


Well, I now want a baby elephant just like that - Louis Vuitton blankie and all. And to top it off, I MUST be seen in this exact dress, with these exact boots, feeding my cutie pie with a bottle. All because me and him {or her, whichever works} are, well - perfect.

So this one goes out to all the pet-lovin'/perfect-picture-takers everywhere:

Be inspired to venture into new territory this weekend.
Please report all happenings on Monday.
{Full disclosure requested.}


*{Disclaimer: I know I told you here that I would have a "HUGE" -my words-surprise for you this week. Unfortunately, I've been unable to pull it off. Being a woman of my word however, I will most certainly offer up this 'surprise' soon. Sometimes, things don't go as planned...}

*(Can't remember where I found this amazing photo. Help!!)

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  1. This photo is superb!!! Wow like that takes my breath away. Look at that wittle baby elephant! Adorbs!