Sunday, January 16, 2011

Monday's {Unconventional} Muse


You know you've made it when you only need to say your first name & EVERYONE knows who you are.
Such is the case with this Monday's {Unconventional} Muse, Halle Berry.
Not much needs to be said about this stunner. Actress, Mommy, Beauty Spokesperson. She's most definitely an American icon. She's got that perfect face with an accessible 'girl-next-door' kind of quality that we all love.
I myself, have been a fan since the early days of Spike Lee. {Who knew someone so pretty could play a drug addict so well?}
Her talent precedes her, and her beauty does as well. Over time, she's perfectly pulled off many looks {long curly hair; shoulder-length straight hair; a mid-length bob; and the now famous short, spiky do.} Although I think she can do no wrong, I vote for the short, spiky look as my favorite. It's almost synonymous with her name. While there's literally a gazillion beautiful pictures of her, but I thought I'd concentrate on the look I covet most:

Making yet another appearance at last night's Golden Globes for her nomination for best actress, Halle had everyone gazing at her pretty, edgy look in this little black number.

Ms. Berry is a quintessential Pretty Coveted Muse. She does it all pretty well- all out glam, pared down casual, and everything in between.
She's true beauty inside & out.
Love her!

Happy Monday & Happy MLK Day!!!


*(Images via essence, people)


  1. Halle is so freaking perfect. Like she is the most beautiful person everrrr!

  2. @Clare: I know!!! It's almost not even fair for her to be so perfect, lol! LOVE her. She's one of my most coveted style icons. *sigh*