Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday's {Unconventional} Muse

Bria Murphy

This girl is absolutely STUNNING! She's a beauty and her daddy just happens to be the funniest man everrrr - Eddie Murphy. The oldest child of Eddie and Nicole Murphy, she's really best described as 'One To Watch'. At 21, she's a model and the newest global ambassador for Dark and Lovely.

As brand ambassador, she'll not only be featured on the Dark and Lovely product box, but will also represent the brand for a year promoting their "Healthy 5" hair care system which aims to 'preserve and restore all 5 signs of healthy hair: moisture, shine, strength, softness, and body'.
{Don't we all need that?}

Bria says she wants to act someday like her father, but had to abide by his rule of not working until she was 18. {His hard and fast rule which allowed his kids to enjoy childhood.}

Another thing she says she learned from her parents is to 'stay true to herself' when it comes to the entertainment industry.
Sound advice from 2 mogul parents to 1 soon-to-be-mogul-model-of-a-daughter. I for one, cannot wait to see more of her. What do you think, Dears? Do you think she's as fantastic as I do?


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  1. Carla, she is gorgeous! I've been seeing her photos alot, lately (one recently with her mom, dad and siblings). I wish her much success, but with her mom and dad in her corner - no reason why she should do anything less! Thanks for the post!

  2. Oh wow soooo gorgeous! I want to see more of this chicka!!!