Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I Love...

Prada's crochet headbands.

The fashion house featured this look in their Fall '10 fashion show & I LOVE!
How striking is this icy blue? Gorge, right?
I also love how most of them seem to disappear into the massive beehive of hair, like here...
...and here...
...and here... {Love the blonde}
And now take a look at the back. All you need is a super teased beehive pinned up in the back, and this cute little crocheted piece to tuck under the bottom.
{So feeling the textured tights below.}
The whole thing was very 1960's conservative vamp. Lovely. And being the "Jackie-of-All-Trades" that I am *wink wink*, of course I know how to crochet. {of course Dahlin', of course!} I think I might just have to venture into Prada-land and make myself a few of these treats. When I do, I'll be sure to post a pic so you can have a look!
Happy Coveting!


*(Images via style)


  1. *gasp* omgah I want one toooooo!

    Will you please buy me one, Carla??


  2. Love the look. You need to start crocheting immediately.

  3. @Susan: DONE!

    @Clare: Um no, how bout I make you one??!! THAT I can probably pull off. It won't be Prada, but I promise it'll be pretty ;-) ...