Monday, March 14, 2011

Le Beaute...

...I'm baaack & with a true Beaute in tow! Her name?

Anais Mali

And I just about love her.
Who is she, you ask? She's an up-and-coming supermodel-in-the-making and she's gooorgeous. Not only is she pretty, but she's French. Me, a self-proclaimed Fanco-phile, {enamored with all-things-french}, I was super excited to learn that about her. Just seems to make her more interesting and a bit more "model-y" in a way.
Anyway, I've been noticing her and am happy to introduce her to you. I also found this video of her being interviewed by the great Bethann Hardison. Here she talks modeling, how she was discovered, the photographers & designers she wants to work with, and who her favorite designers are {YSL, Givenchy, Valentino, Gucci, to name a few. The girl knows perfection when she sees it.}
She also chats about the lack of Black girls being featured in huge campaigns & why she doesn't understand that unfortunate truth. Although she is seen below in Gap's Spring '11 ad, she's spot on about the larger, most coveted of brands usually not showcasing Black talent...

Well one thing's for sure, she is a beauty who's worthy to cover any campaign .
Have a look at the video.
Clearly, I approve, but would love to hear what you think...


*(Images via vogue the magazine & unknown. Video via youtube)

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  1. Love this girl and she is SO spot on with the lack of minority representation in fashion. Like I am super tired of this sea of white... NEXT, PLEASE! hehehe