Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Barbie. Barbie. Barbie.

How amazing are these images of every little girl's bff, Barbie?!
{LOVE Italian Vogue for this story}
I mean, who didn't play around with her and dream up all kinds of wonderfully dramatic experiences for yourself? Through her we embarked on all kinds of careers; traveled the world; owned a penthouse suite AND a convertible; and {most importantly} had the most coveted of wardrobes.

Well, again inspired by this style icon, I expect to:
...Shop in style with my uuber stylish friends...

...Take myself to new heights...

...And stride around looking cute, even after the unfortunate stumble...

I was {and still am} such a big Dreamer as a girl, so Barbie was a perfect 'test market' for me, if you will. I would even go as far as writing short scripts for her to act out sometimes. What about you though? Did you lovelies enjoy playing with her too or not so much? If she was on your short list of "go-to-girls", I want to know what kinds of things you would do with her? Do tell...


*(Images via Italian Vogue)

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  1. I LOVED BARBIES!! No seriously i loved them so much when i was little. They made my life!! I love these photos.