Friday, December 24, 2010

All I want for Christmas is...


Dear Ones,
We are so grateful for all of your visits, comments, support and interest in this 'Pretty-Little-Blog' of ours. This past year has been such an AMAZING journey for us. We are beyond thrilled to have so many of the "best-of-the-best" accompanying us on this beautiful ride through "Prettyville".

With that heartfelt sentiment now said:
Pretty Coveted officially wishes each one of you a Wonderful, Extravagant, Stylish, Beautiful, Fashionable, Pretty Coveted Holiday, full of Love, Joy, Peace, Fun {and of course- fashion ;-)}.


Carla & Tonya

*(Image via Coco Kelley)

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  1. I hope 2011 brings you and your lovely blog nothing but joy and happiness, Carla and Tonya!!