Monday, April 19, 2010

Pretty, Pretty, Pretty!...

...That's the perfect word to describe these stunning interiors I recently found on Dress Design Decor's lovely site. Admittedly, there's alot going on, but I'm captivated by it all. (Can we say Gor.Ge.Ous!) It's the navy/purple/neutral color combo. The brilliant mix of textures. The lush velvet. The metallic. All of that adds up to one yummy piece of eye candy.

Gazing at these images led me to dream of what a mini-wardrobe inspired by this luxe palette would look like...

...And view # 2...

I happen to love the unexpected mix of color. Tell me, what do you think?
Love or not so much?...


*(Interiors via Dress Design Decor, all apparel & accessories via net-a-porter)


  1. oh wow! love it... the color combo is really unexpected like you said... but it WORKED. It's a must do for me.
    thanx for sharing.

    Keesha M.

  2. Um hello! This post is a-mazing. Seriously, these color combos are awesome. And i want every single dress you pictured.