Friday, April 23, 2010

Expect The Unexpected...

Remember the sheer joy of running down the 'Ice Cream Man'? That was the closest thing to heavenly bliss. Bomb Pops...Fudge-sicles..."Red White & Blues"...The one with the gum at the bottom (never knew what it was called). Well, Ms. Selita Ebanks is sure bringing back 'old school' in the most fashionable of ways. (Love the look) Let's let her set the example.
Why not do something unexpected this weekend. Something purely, joyously, irresistibly, stylishly unexpected! Just go for it, and tell us all about it on Monday:-)
Happy weekend Lovies!


*(Image via Essence)

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  1. awwww I love this photo of Selita. The ice cream man always comes to my neighborhood, and I am forever fighting off the little kids to get to the front of the line hahaa