Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Pop Color Confession...

Doesn't Joan look beautiful?! 

I've always been drawn to a barely-there, fresh face with the ultimate 'pop' of lip color topping it all off.
My Confession; however: I usually look something like this (me, today)...
(Sans the camouflage cap, of course...it was a work thing, don't ask...)
...not exactly what I'd call a colorful 'pop' of anything, I know.
Fresh faced, yes. Colorful, not at all. 

My skin is a honey-colored brown and that's usually what I add to it in the form of cosmetics - brown with maybe a few rosy pinks.
Let's just say I'm a 'natural beauty'.

But given the truth that I admire a pretty, color-saturated lip, aaaannnd that we can still call this a 'new' year, I plan to try the look myself. Let's not call it a resolution though. More like an intention.
So with that intention set, I'll be on and poppin' before you know it. 
When I do, I'll be sure to post. For now, I'll leave you with a bit more inspiration for my experimental new look.
I'm goin' all in, so stay tuned Chicas!...

(GORGEOUS!!! - I think I'll try this one above...)

Lots of Love & Light,

Photos: Pinterest | Joan Smalls | Jessie-Leigh Photography | and ME!

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