Thursday, April 21, 2011

No Hiding Behind Your Hat...

With Easter on it's way, Sunday to be exact, it's not too hard to bend your mind toward hats.
Especially if you celebrate this special occasion and go anywhere near a church. Often big, elaborate, floral hats abound. Me, not being the big-elaborate-hat-wearer, I started looking around for alternatives.

Many are familiar with Philip Treacy, the extravagant hat designer. Naomi is sporting one of his designs below...

...a little cooky, but none-the-less fabulous.

And no one does cooky-hat-look better than the wonderfully eccentric Anna Della Russo.

Ok, so granted, I will not be trying to pull this look off any time soon (translation: never).
I did find these beautiful hats by Jennifer Behr though. They're bridal, but so pretty. I really think I can make the look below work...I mean, maybe...If I had too...

At any rate, both floral hats are stunning.
Be inspired to try on something equally as stunning this Easter. Or for those of you not partaking in this celebratory experience, try one on for fun. Take a cue from Anna, shock the neighbors and walk your dog in it. You'll be on the side of every animal rights activist and loved by every die hard fashionphile.
What do you think? Brave enough to pull it off?...


*(Images via Jennifer Behr, Philip Treacy, unknown)


  1. DO iiiiitttttt! Do it and post a photo!!!!!!

  2. I loved it. The first remind me that one Drew Berrymore used at 'Grey Gardens' Premiere. Aamazing.

    Oh, i made a post about headdress last weak, would love if you could take a look ;)

    Love the blog!!