Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Big Side Braid

I love this look.
Even with my whole "transitioning" (from relaxed to natural) state of being, I'm still going to try it out. Not quite sure how yet, but I'm inspired. Especially when I see beauties like Ms. Zoe perfecting the look...

...and one of my fav hair looks of all time {I've been saving this photo on my inspiration board forever} - Jessica Alba. LOVE!!...

Any way this style (when done right, of course) is so fresh & appealing.

The two models below are adorable.
So cute...

Love. Love. Love.


*(Images via here, here, and here)


  1. I literally LOVE side braid. It is my favorite hair style. I wish I could wear it daily!

  2. I love braids because they can be matched with any event. I even made a post about timeless hairstyles last week, would love if you could take a look ;)

    I always love your blog, girl!