Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I'm a Fan

I really don't know a lot about her, but this Chinese pop star is the cutest thing eveerrrrr!
And get this - her name is Fan Bing Bing!
{Fantastic right?}

Seeing as how I speak, read, nor understand not a single word of chinese, I'm not even going to pretend to tell you anything about her expect that she's an actress and a pop star. Honestly, I just thought she was too cute to pass up. Love the name & I mean look at these pictures:


So would you not agree that she's absolutely adorable?
Chinese deficient or not, I'm a fan of Ms. Fan Bing Bing.
What do you think? You gonna join me in this fan club or not?
{And please tell me anything you know about her. She sure looks interesting!}


*(Images via unknown)


  1. Hi Carla! She is a cutie pie! Wonderful pictures! I was on vacation - and am working to catch up on your posts. ;0) Thanks for sharing such wonderful information with us! Smooches!