Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Wardrobe Report

So recently, I was in Bloomingdale's {under the guise of picking up some "much needed" makeup} and was happily distracted over to the contemporary section. Unbeknownst to me, Bloomies was having a HUGE sale {Yipee!!}. While browsing the racks and racks of clothes, I came across this amazing little playsuit. So cute & comfy. Well, I could not believe my eyes & had to do a serious double take when I looked at the tag. The price?
Wait for it...
Yep, you got it. Just a mere 9 bucks! So you know I HAD to have it.
After holding back tears of joy in the dressing room, I skipped my way out to the counter to pay.
With the weather warming up some days here in South Fla, I thought it'd be fun to pull it out. I ended up pairing it with a leather belt I have from Theory and my all -time FAV work boots that I seem to be wearing with everything. {Trust me, you WILL see these again later.}

And to top it all off, I grabbed my favorite, favorite, favorite earrings that I snagged from my Mom years ago. She wore these beautiful little filigree numbers when I was little - so to me they're true vintage. They're fabulous, they have sentimental value, and I LOVE!

See how happy I am below?! {$9 bucks -I. Mean.}

So I realize we're currently experiencing the 'storm of the century' in most of the USA right now, but there's no harm in planning ahead, right? I also realize that this little gem I found smashed between 2 gorgeous dresses, will probably be near impossible to find, but you can still 'Get The Look' with these pieces I found below.

Unbelievably, Forever21 has an almost exact replica of my beloved work boots. {Worth a try} And yes, the shorts options are pricey, but as the weather warms up and spring arrives, I'm confident there'll be many options in stores, boutiques, and amazing flea markets everywhere.
Hope this inspires you to dig deep and be open-minded when making purchases. There's sweet little surprises all around.


*(Images via ME!)
(Clothing Clockwise from top left: Top, Netaporter, Earrings, Forever21; Tank, Netaporter; Shorts, Netaporter; Boots, Forever21; Boots, Topshop; Shorts, Netaporter; Belt, Topshop)


  1. YOU ARE GORGEOUS! Omgah i love these photos they made my day! Also that price tag is unbelievable!

  2. You look very cute, Carla! And, yes, that was a steal!!!!! Have an awesome weekend!