Monday, February 7, 2011

And Then There Was One...

What a monumental moment in Fashion history!
The day Beverly Johnson landed the most coveted cover of all time - the VOGUE cover - in 1974, everything changed {for the better}. That's exactly why she's this 'Monday's Unconventional Muse'. Beverly was, and still is, absolutely striking. I mean, her face cannot be denied. With February being Black History Month, I thought it'd be fun to share some vintage {and historic} images of this Beauty.
After gracing the cover of Vogue as their first Black model, she went on to show her face on many more of our beloved glossies.
Have a look below...

{LOVE this Cosmo cover!}

Beverly even showed up on album covers.
I'm insane for this image of her below! The hair, makeup and wardrobe are perfection. Quintessentially '70s!!

I love taking a trip down memory lane, especially when there's good fashion and inspiring images to linger over. There's so many amazing, beautiful women of color that have paved the way for us all. I feel honored to be able to present any one of them to you. Hope this in a small way enlightens you, entertains you, and encourages you to chart new ground.
Happy Monday!


*(Images via unknown)


  1. What a beauty! I am still so amazed that there aren't more ethnic models. Like not just more black models but models of alll ethnicities. It is weird because ethnic women are just so so so lovely.

  2. Clare makes a good point. We're seeing a few more black models these days, not many but a few. Where are the Indian, mixed, South Asian etc models? It's a real shame to beauty in all forms is not shown.

    Really cool post!