Monday, December 20, 2010

Monday's {Unconventional} Muse

Confession: This post happened sort of unexpectedly {even for me}. It was not my intent to write a Monday's {Unconventional} Muse story and feature Ciara. I was actually searching around for something unrelated and found this photo of her below...
...I was kind of taken a-back by it. It's a lot. I mean, it's big & fluffy, yet somehow luxurious...I like it. {Staring at it with tilted head...}

At any rate, I really do like Ciara too. So that settles it. Now's as good a time as any to feature her in our illustrious group of beauties. I must admit that I've never been able to get a handle on her "look" though. She's been every hair length under the sun. Every hair color too. She's glammy in dresses. She's punked-out in ripped jeans. Who is she exactly??
Not totally sure, but one thing's for certain, you can't deny her gorgeous face!
That and her talent alone are enough to secure her spot in Muse-Dom.
What'd you think? Agreed?...


*(Images via Essence & unknown)

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  1. I agree. I like Ciara she is very beautiful. She is definitely an unsung beauty who sometimes gets overshadowed by Beyonce and Rihanna and the like.