Monday, December 13, 2010

Art Basel: A kaleidoscope of art & fashion

Each year lovers of the arts converge in Miami in celebration of Art Basel. Lauded as the most important art show in the United States, the event features special exhibitions and participation by the world's most influential galleries. While parties were held all over the city, I knew that it was a "can't miss" when I received the invitation to the reception hosted by Vanity Fair.

Mr. Weber
The event was held at the Museum of Contemporary Art in celebration of famed photographer Bruce Weber whose special exhibit of photographs celebrated the spirit and vibrancy of Miami's Haitian people. The exhibit also focused on the work of German artist Jonathon Meese showcasing his works of three-dimensional work and sculpture.
Admires of Meese's work
Me & attendees in DVF
The party was a collage of beautiful art, fashionable guests and fab festivities.

Contributed by TonyaSE


  1. I love a fashionable art experience!

  2. Oh wow fashion+art=great time.

    Aaaaand you are gorgeous. More YOU on this lovely blog please :)