Monday, November 8, 2010

Ms. Kerry, Baby

Washington, that is.

This rising star is one brilliant fashionista by anyone's standards. She's not only smart, talented, and has great style, she's also this Monday's {Unconventional} Muse. Kerry's been in some of the best films produced and is currently showcasing her talent in For Colored Girls.
Likewise, she certainly doesn't seem to mind showcasing her style-sense either. Let's just say a red carpet has proven to be her friend. I happen to love how she's embraced the fashion world. What could be better than donning a gorgeous frock on top of a red (or pink, or purple, or green for that matter) carpet? Hope you find her look as coveted as I do.
Who's on your list of {Unconventional} Muses? Please Dahlin', do tell...


*(Images via Essence & unknown)


  1. Yes I do love her so much!! And Keri Hilson is another unconventional muse that i absolutely love.