Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Bright Eyes

Have you noticed one of the newest beauty trends: bright, colorful eyes? You almost can't help but notice. Eyelids beautifully saturated with intense color seem to be popping up everywhere. Especially on the Spring '11 runways. Take a look around and you'll see gorgeous shades of green like on Oscar De La Renta's runway {above}.

You'll see fantastic shades of fuchsia like on Dior's runway {above}.

But chances are you'll also find colorful eyes 'smizing' {taken from the incomparable Tyra} everywhere on the street. Chanel Iman brilliantly displays the look while out and about {above}.

Not too long ago though I told you all about my experience with Jones Magazine as part of the host committee for their Meet Me In Miami event. Well one of the weekend's featured events was a design competition held at Miami Design District's oh-so-chic Mai Tardi. One of the participating designers followed suit with this beauty trend and glammed her models up in eye-poppin' eye color.

Take a look at the stunner of a model above. How amazing is her look?! Love the mix of lavender & green.
{Sick. Sick. Sick.}

This particular design competitor, fortunately for us, showed the look on a variety of skin tones. {Check the shot that I took above.} These pics are great examples of how women of all hues can incorporate the current beauty trend into everyday life.
So go ahead, play around a little. You'll be surprised at the beauty you can create with some amazing color, a brush, a little bit of courage, and lots of creativity!
Happy playing & tell us what you come up with!


*(Images via style & Moi!!)


  1. Love this trend. So bright and beautiful and oh so dynamic. Something to imitate!


  2. @redumbrellachronicles: Agreed! Love this dramatic trend too. FUN!!



  3. This trend is crazy perfect for a night out! How could you not love a statement eye