Friday, August 13, 2010

Hooray!...It's Friday!...

Because I started the week off in a somewhat 'gloomy' fashion and I'm now back to my usual upbeat self, I thought I'd end the week on a higher note.
(BTW: Thanks Lovelies, for all of the suggestions & encouragement.)
Besides, it's Friday!!:-)
The weather in SFLA (while hot) is sheer perfection and I've been thinking of one of my favorite pastimes - reading.
This gorgeous photo comes from Dress Design Decor. It makes me want to book browse in a dress just like that. How lovely! While I love my glossies, there's nothing like a beautifully bound hardcover on art, fashion or photography.
What a beautiful cover!
Nina's books are must-haves for any fashion-phile.
The ultimate must-have, the story of Yves Saint Laurent (along with Lagerfeld).
Indeed, a visit to Miami Beach's Books & Books is on this weekend's agenda.
Happy Weekend!:-)

*(Images via google & Dress Design Decor)

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  1. I'd like to read that book...

    I also like the Dress Design Decor photo, the dress is perfectly ridiculous xo