Friday, August 6, 2010

Do You Tutu?...

Every girl needs to bring out a bit of ballerina in her life every now and then.
Isn't the photo below so pretty?
Perhaps "bringing out the ballerina" in a more cutting-edge, contemporary kind of way will make more sense. You know, ballerina-gone-rocker-chic-ish.
Reference the photo below for inspiration...
...Of course, a pair of Louboutins never hurt either!...
...A little somethin' I've been working on below...
(But seeing as how I love the art of "creating" a little more than the task of sewing, this has been sitting on one of my dress forms for a while. Sigh...)
I snagged the cutest little black satin skirt from Forver21 last spring. Super short and chocked full of satin, organza and crinoline, I just love it. The look below from the Donna Karan Fall 2010 collection is a totally ramped up, glamorized, over-the-top-with-ruffles version of my skirt. LOVE!
It's a true piece of art.
Hopefully, these pics will inspire you to have a wonderful weekend full of
laid-back adventure.
Happy Friday!:-)

*(Images via style, weheartit & ME!:-)

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