Thursday, May 13, 2010

Unconventional Muse: Donna Ho, Online Fashion Writer/Editor Extraordinaire

What are you wearing?
A Joie blouse, a Theory skirt, a Michael Kors watch, a Sorrelli necklace, and Marc Fisher shoes.

And where do you do your shopping: both online and brick and mortar stores?
I used to shop online alot before I moved to New York, but now it's a little more difficult to get the package. Since I live in New York, there are so many stores around me, so I try to make it Fifth Avenue, I like to walk around a lot! I also like shopping at Bloomingdale's.

What are some of your New York City go-to shops?
I like to go to Madewell, and American Apparel is great for basic pieces.

What is usually the integral piece for you when putting together a look, that you pretty much build your outfit around?
I always like to start with picking out the bag, as it is pretty important to making the outfit what it really, at least for me and my outfits!

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