Thursday, January 21, 2010

Unconventionally Yours...

What shall we say about the uber-stylish, Ms. Nicole? She went from 'Hippie Chic'... 'All-Out-Glam-Bombshell Chic'... "Beautiful Mommy Chic'...
...and most recently to 'Hot Chocolate Brown Chic'!
Gotta love her. But what's more to love is her irresistible new line of jewelry, House of Harlow 1960. I am particularly falling for these gold , crystal, and black leather pieces. So current, yet so 1970's, don't you think?
Love this chain & leather corset necklace ($210)...
Love this crystal leather cuff ($110)...
And I can't decide between these crystal leather hoops ($80), and
these feather earrings ($72)...
...Hmmm...decisions, desicions...
Whatever the choice, pop on over to Shopbob, and pick up something coveted for yourself.
*(Images of Nicole, unknown; all jewelry via Shopbop)


  1. I've been a huge Nicole Ricci fan ever since she was on the Simple Life. I love her!

  2. Beautiful jewelry! Thanks for sharing. I like the crystal leather cuff!

  3. I think she's great too, Clare! Thanks for the comment. And Deandra, loooovve the cuff!
    L.P.S., Carla