Friday, January 29, 2010

Haute Chocolate

This is how I feel (kinda scratchy, sniffly, achy)...
This is what I want (a beautiful bed to snuggle in all day)...
However, because I'd love to look somewhat like this (see below), but absoultely have no glamour in me now, I'll settle for the nest best thing...

A tall cup of Haute Chocolate fashion delight to warm me up from the inside out:-)
(See Botega Veneta Fall '09 below)

Staying in bed all day would be fantastic, but with a busy day ahead, and an eventful weekend to look forward to (the little one turns five tomorrow - yeah!!!), I gotta press through.
Hope your day is great. Happy weekend!
*(Images via We Heart It, Elle Decor, and Style)

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